Bill Mitchell

I spent my formative musical years in northern Virginia and from 1977-1984 honed my skills in such bands as March Hare, Baby Nuns, Riptide and the infamously offensive punk band Uruku.

The fall of 1984 found me living in Shippensburg and attending the university there. I met Neil Ecker, Jeff Vetock and Jeff Cleland and wormed my way into their band as the bass player. This band was known as Grey Parade, later called The Voodoo Kittens, and eventually I handed over the bass duties to the very able Dean Vaccher before I left for a brief move to Planet Texas. After regaining my senses and moving back to Penn's Woods, I rejoined The Voodoo Kittens on guitar and this cemented the line up through the year 1987 and two or three "final farewell" shows, the most recent of these in the fall of 2004.

There were some side projects as well in this period of time. Faculty Wives, later Breakfast for Two included me with Jeff Cleland on bass and the pink-haired Larry Lee Fiber on drums. This band played very few gigs, the main body of work being recorded music which never did anything!

Another project of 1986 -1987 was The Neo-Kittens which was Jeff Vetock and I doing a recorded project that did yield several original songs for The Voodoo Kittens to perform during the latter part of the band's existence.

Following a "farewell" show of The Voodoo Kittens in 1989, a period of musical inactivity ensued until the formation of The Perseverators in late 1989. This band consisted of me, Dean Vaccher, Larry Bailey and Phillip Beard. Due to the geographic dispersion of the members of the band (some living in Pennsylvania, others in northern Virginia, and further south in Virginia), the main emphasis of this band was recording. However, we did play a smattering of club dates in the northern Virginia area to enthusiastic response with contemporaries Emmet Swimming, who later had a small degree of success.

Then came marriage, kids, etc., which later led to a prolonged period of musical inactivity during which I did no live work, but continued to record in my home studio with old friends. I was rescued in late October 2004 when old friend Neil Ecker asked me to join The Willys.

I'm looking forward to good music and good times, hopefully for many years to come in this band that has some old friends and some new ones.