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Turn Inward

Turn Inward, our 3rd release is the only official Willys release to feature a recording of us doing a cover song.  "Jet Plane" is a wonderful folk song in the hands of Peter, Paul & Mary but in the hands of the Willys it reaches new altitudes!  It is also the last time Jonathan was able to contribute as he left soon after recording finished.

Songs like "Turn Inward" deal with teenage drama that does not lead to violence and a loving ballad by Neil to his future wife when she left for England ("Underground").  For the computer nerd there's "Mouse" and "Keyhole".  Great mixes and songs mastered in Gettysburg at Catalyst Recording Studios.


Agitated - "Agitated" is the second Willys release to hit the world.
Guitar oriented rock with sing able melodies that hit and coat the ears with desire for more. Guitar hooks, vocal harmonies, unbelievable bass lines for the genre.
It's as if the biggest band in history gave away their secrets to songwriting and left them in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Songs on the Agitated

Recorded at The Sound Works studio in Hanover, PA  Mixed and mastered by Pat Colgan.


Songs About Girls, The Willys

Songs About Girls is a collection of 13 songs written by Bill and performed by The Willys in 1997. The CD was recorded at Soundworks Studio in Hanover PA in only about 17 hours. The songs are basically all about different relationships that we've all been through at one time or another....hence the title of the mix.

Butterteeth Smile!, The Willys

Butterteeth Smile

For our 4th recording the band returned to the recording studio of Bob Ranalli and his Dead Pheasant Studio in Fayetteville, PA. With the departure of guitarist Jonathan Hansen the band enlisted an old friend from college days; Bill Mitchell to take over lead guitar duties.  "Mitch", Dean and Neil used to punk it up while they studied at Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, PA.  Also coming our of retirement was Dan Chase lending his amazing keyboard skills to the recording. (check out "Man Who Mumbles and "Good Night Amelia").

Guitar oriented rock and clever lyrics made this the best Willys recording up to this time.  Mitch it turns out has a fabulous voice to match his wonderful guitar chops!  Check out his songs: "Fashion Slave" and "You're Only One".  Neil brings "The Man Who Mumbles" a song about a certain professor who used to roam the streets of Gettysburg.  Neil also remembers a local star "Stacy" who made the big time in a famous magazine article.  Bill was inspired by a John K. book "Into the Wild" to write "Supertramp", and used random forgotten English sayings smashed together to create "Butterteeth".  Maryland poet and friend of the band; Kevin Thornton gave Bill permission to arrange his touching "Where the Children Don't Grow Up".  Kevin also wrote the lyric to "Yuppie Bar" that inspired Bill to rock it up!

Mastered by Bob Anderson.  Mixed by Bob Ranalli with a little help from the band.  Also appearing Rhonda Ranalli and the fab sax playing of her famous husband!


Willys 5

Our most recent effort released on July 14, 2011.

With the amicable departure of bassist Dean Vaccher, the Willys were bass less!  Once again, an old friend came to the rescue!  While the band was playing mostly acoustic gigs we were also road testing new songs.  Along comes multi-instrumentalist Todd Mudd.  Todd, Bill and Dan used to be members of ETC. back in the day.  Todd's enthusiasm and earthy bass playing brought the new cache of songs to life!

This time the songs are more personal.  Neil writes mostly about relationships he's witnessed over the past several years in "Is It Me" & "Alpha Male". Alpha btw was written in 4 but during rehearsals an amazing thing happened: it sounded better in dipping from 5/4 to 6/8!  While writing with his songwriting team (Mitch and Jeff Vetock) he sings "2nd Coming" (full of hidden messages), "Descartes"  and the clever "Alliteration".  Mitch brings his points in "Angry World" and "Wind of Change".  Bill brings "Warm & Safe", "Frances" (with Todd's amazing Raggae styling), "What I See" and the touching "John the Pilot" (everyone played acoustic instruments).

The big surprise for this recording was Dan's first song: "We Came to Watch You Dance".  A fabulous dance song written from the band's perspective of playing a dance party!  This song was entered in a song contest at the local radio station!  Hope we win!

Recorded at Choking Furnace Studios in Shippensburg, PA by Bill MItchell (who also mixed) and Mastered by Bob Anderson.  Fabulous photos by Rinehart Studios in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Special guest vocalist Linda Coe on "We Came to Watch You Dance".








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