Neil a.k.a. NeilO 

Neil comes to the willys with many years of experience as a drummer.  Starting at the age of four, Neil would annoy his parents with banging wooden spoons on metal Utz potato chip cans. Later they would buy him those fake drum sets with the paper drum heads.

Needless to say it took about one day before all the heads would be busted and Neil would be crying. By the time Neil reached forth grade everyone in school had to learn to play the recorder. Neil did not excell at this due to him continually using the recorder as a drum stick. Soon the day would come when his parents would buy him a drum practice pad.

The problem was that it didn't make a sound when struck, and so Neil returned to banging on potato chip cans much to his parents disliking. Then for Christmas one year Neil got a real drum! It was some piece of shit no name drum that wasn't much better than those paper headed drums he got as a small child. In tenth grade, years after everyone else who played drums had really neat sets, Neil got his first drum set. It was a circa-1965 Ludwig Jazz set. The greatest thing about it was that it was JUST LIKE Ringo Starr's set that he played early in the Beatles' career. 

Unbelievably Neil began his career playing drums for a Christian singing group called the Cross and Flame Singers. It wouldn't be until college that the real devil inside would show itself musically. Then at Shippensburg University Neil would meet Jeff Vetock. This would change his life forever. They formed a band called Grey Parade and with the help of two other Ship students played around campus combining punk with new wave sounds. After a few band changes, they became the Voodoo Kittens with Jeff, Neil, Dean Vaccher, and Bill Mitchell. Neil went from playing Bible Thumping music to Heart Pumping Speed Punk.

When it came to speed, it wasn't a problem. At the end of college we all had to get real jobs(boring) but kept in touch for may farwell concerts. Years later Neil is with Dean again and playing "willy music". Neil is married to his college sweet heart Christine and has two boys, Owen and Nic. Every Monday night if you come through the town of Biglerville you should stop and listen for the "power pop" sounds of the willys. Who knows, we may even ask you to come in and enjoy a bottle of JONES SODA with the band.

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