Watch Them

Words and music by Neil Ecker

They gather near the lobby about 20 after 7
The prayers they say they think will get them up to heaven
Standing in a circle with hands held together
You see them everyday no matter whatís the weather

Watch them pray every day
They know that others see them they like it that way
Watch them pray every day
They want the world to see them cause they like it that way

When it comes to the right there is no other way
They want to force us all to think their way
Buddhist, Muslim, of Hasidic Jew
Itís the trinity , the three in one, or to hell with you

All religious people pray to divine powers
Some once a week every day lasting for hours
But where does it say within the Constitution
That itís just the Christians that have the solutions

Pray as often as you like, pray alone or at night
Pray before you eat a meal, pray each time you kneel
Pray each time you see a wreck, donít just pray for effect

Believe what you will because itís your right
Donít shout in my face to make me see the light
Excuse me if I show you my liberal opinion
But is hating the way to see His dominion?