Turn Inward

Turn Inward, The Willys

  Turn Inward - The Willys

Turn Inward, our 3rd release is the only official Willys release to feature a recording of us doing a cover song.  "Jet Plane" is a wonderful folk song in the hands of Peter, Paul & Mary but in the hands of the Willys it reaches new altitudes!  It is also the last time Jonathan was able to contribute as he left soon after recording finished.

Songs like "Turn Inward" deal with teenage drama that does not lead to violence and a loving ballad by Neil to his future wife when she left for England ("Underground").  For the computer nerd there's "Mouse" and "Keyhole".  Great mixes and songs mastered in Gettysburg at Catalyst Recording Studios.

  1. Clove
  2. Knee Jerk
  3. Turn Inward
  4. Mouse
  5. Leaving On a Jet Plane
  6. Goodnight Amelia
  7. Underground
  8. Think You Can Think
  9. Keyhole
  10. Livin' Like A Millionaire
  11. This Song